Carnage Park


Carnage Park

DATE: Tue, August 16
TIME: 9:00PM
VENUE: O Cinema Wynwood






Mickey Keating

Mickey Keating

Ashley Bell, Pat Healy, Larry Fessenden, Graham Skipper

A treat for lovers of the bloody grindhouse cinema of the ’70s, this harrowing psycho-thriller stars Pat Healy (Cheap Thrills) as an unhinged sniper who terrorizes a bank-robbing duo and their beautiful hostage (Ashley Bell of The Last Exorcism) after they stumble into his desert killing fields. Thrust into a wicked game of cat and mouse with a highly trained and mentally imbalanced killer, they begin a harrowing fight for survival. Mickey Keating’s latest descent into insanity has him braiding crime caper and survival story into one demented thrill ride. Ashley Bell quickly turns the role of damsel in distress into that of a badass, “don’t fuck with me” female lead traversing the horrors of Carnage Park.

YEAR: 2016

DIRECTOR: Mickey Keating

WRITER: Mickey Keating

STARRING: Ashley Bell, Pat Healy, Larry Fessenden, Graham Skipper