DATE: Mon, August 15
TIME: 7:00PM
VENUE: O Cinema Wynwood






Luciano Onetti

Luciano Onetti & Nicolás Onetti

Luis Emilio Rodriguez, Gustavo Dalessanro, Raul Gederlini

Fans of Dario Argento, Mario Bava, Goblin, and Lucio Fulci dare not miss Francesca, a visually stunning homage to the famed Italian Giallo genre that so faithfully and lovingly reproduces its seductive and perverse forms that it feels like it was literally plucked from the era! A dazzling combination of menacing Grand Guignol atmosphere, brilliant cinematography, gory violence, lush décor, and pounding soundtrack, “Francesca” tells the tale of a psychopath who uses the “Divine Comedy” as a clever reference to rid the city of impure souls through a series of gruesome murders. This audacious film synthesizes all the familiar Giallo motifs (psycho killers, blood violence, convoluted plot twists, pulse-pounding music) into an almost perfect symphony of fear that’s unlikely to ever be repeated on screen.

Preceded by the short film:

DISCO INFERNO (Directed by Alice Waddington): A black-clad vixen infiltrates a sumptuous mansion overrun with cultists in what begins as a rescue mission, and then deliriously descends into an eerie musical reverie, before finally arriving at a most unexpected conclusion. Florida Premiere!

YEAR: 2016

DIRECTOR: Luciano Onetti

WRITERS: Luciano Onetti & Nicolás Onetti

STARRING: Luis Emilio Rodriguez, Gustavo Dalessanro, Raul Gederlini