I Am Not A Serial Killer


I Am Not A Serial Killer

DATE: Sat, August 13
TIME: 9:00PM
VENUE: O Cinema Wynwood






Billy O’Brien

Billy O’Brien & Christopher Hyde

Max Records, Christopher Lloyd, Laura Fraser

Just imagine if David Cronenberg slipped into a fever dream while binge-watching Dexter, Fargo, and Six Feet Under, in one go, and you’ll have just a shade of what I Am Not a Serial Killer has on offer. A darkly heartfelt, astonishingly foreboding, and imaginatively sinister tale of a likable teenager (Max Records of Where the Wild Things Are), raised by a mortician family, whose own nascent sociopathic tendencies make him a perfect amateur sleuth when a serial killer strikes his folksy Midwestern town. Take it from us, the film is far, far more unique and fantastically bloody than the premise might imply, helped in no small part by an Oscar-worthy performance by Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future).

Preceded by the short film:

THE BIRCH (Directed by Ben Franklin): A bullied teenager, fearing for his life, turns to an ancient creature of the forest for protection…and revenge. Florida Premiere!

YEAR: 2016

DIRECTOR: Billy O’Brien

WRITERS: Billy O’Brien & Christopher Hyde

STARRING: Max Records, Christopher Lloyd, Laura Fraser