Man Vs.


Man Vs.

DATE: Thu, August 18
TIME: 7:00PM
VENUE: O Cinema Wynwood






Adam Massey

Thomas Michael

Chris Diamantopoulos, Chloe Bradt, Michael Cram

Man vs Wild vs Predator, need we say more? In this gripping found-footage horror thriller, a reality TV star of a survival show is forced to fend for himself in the remote woods for a routine episode, until he’s awoken by an earth-shaking crash that unleashes a series of weird and eerie events ultimately forcing him to come face to face with his deepest fears and the otherworldly.

Preceded by the short film:

IRIS (Directed by Richard Karpala): What starts as a familiar tale of a criminal driving to the middle of the woods to bury a dead body, ends with a bloody twist of karmic justice thanks to his Siri-esque smartphone app. Florida Premiere!

YEAR: 2016

DIRECTOR: Adam Massey

WRITER: Thomas Michael

STARRING: Chris Diamantopoulos, Chloe Bradt, Michael Cram