Short Films: Midnighters II

Midnighters II

DATE: August 13-19
TIME: Video On Demand
VENUE: Virtual Cinema

A celebration of new works from cinematic scaremongers that bring nightmares into waking hours with thrills, chills, and spills:

Directed by Dan Repp & Lindsay Young
USA | 15 minutes | 2021
FLORIDA PREMIERE. A teenage cutter in recovery and her overbearing mother are haunted by a ghost who seeks to keep them at odds.


Jumpin’ Jacob
Directed by Alexander Deeds
USA | 10 minutes | 2021
WORLD PREMIERE. A girl plays a haunted melody. The haunted melody plays with the girl.


Directed by Nathan Crooker
USA | 13 minutes | 2021
WORLD PREMIERE. Beauty is a download away.


Significant Other
Directed by Quinn George
USA | 6 minutes | 2021
FLORIDA PREMIERE. A couple struggles to see eye to eye when an invisible light appears in their new home.


Snapper: The Man-Eating Turtle Movie That Never Got Made
Directed by John Campopiano
USA | 29 minutes | 2021
FLORIDA PREMIERE. The story of an unfinished monster movie and the creative friendship that outlasted it.


Specter of Weeping Hill
Directed by Matthew & Nathaniel Barber
USA | 7 minutes | 2021
WORLD PREMIERE. A young woman returns to an abandoned cemetery that has haunted her since childhood to confront the recent loss of her sister.


The Tip of the Spear
Directed by Travis Oberlander
USA | 11 minutes | 2021
WORLD PREMIERE. Seeking an affordable house for their growing family, Adam and Sarah move into a diverse, working-class neighborhood. Everything is perfect until Adam finds a goat’s head in the garbage can. Suspecting that his neighbors are responsible, Adam confronts them and sets off a series of terrifying events that leave him unable to feel at home ever again.